Fly - Line trace and some freestyle

fly4 500px

(Will soon be available at my Redbubble account as stickers and more..)

3x3 versions

Hello again :)

I have been digging littlebit deeper into the structure of polar cordinates filter (circular to rectangle).

BCD 1k

Rainbow colours box pattern - Digital

Hi again :)

I have made new digital versions now..

Colours digital

Colours digitalA

Colours digitalB

Colours digitalC

Colours digitalD

Colours digitalB2

Colours digitalC2

Colours digitalD2

Rainbow Colour Checker box pattern

Hi again :)

Today I have painted checker pattern over the painting I made last night..

Colour checker

And made the same manipulation procedure on the following images:

Colour checkerA

Colour checkerB

Colour checkerC

Colour checkerD

Rainbow colours box pattern

Hi again,

Last night I was late up and painted this:

Colours 0

And when finished I Took a photo of it and opened it in Photoshop and repeated it 25 times like this:

Colours 1

And started to distort it (polar cordinates and mirror flipping):




Colours E1

On this one under here, I have used a gradient map filter:


Then I laid the three obove images upon eachother with a 50% transparency setting and rotated the image 90 degrees:

Colours B2

Colours C2

Colours D2

It was very fun to see the results and fun to work with,

but when I was finished , I was very tired.

Then It was good to fall asleep :)

Mushroom houses - Colour sketch

Mushroom 550px

Just a quick colour sketch.. maybe I will practice on drawing in Illustrator, to draw this one made me want to do that.

Flower 3

Today I have drawn this flower..

I made the contours in Illustrator and colored it in Photoshop.

flower3whiteb s

UPDATE 1: Added this design on several products on Redbubble. Link on the bottom of this page.

Rainbow colors

Hi again,

Today I have made boxes with all the colors of the rainbow, and tested them on canvas board..

mon03jun 00001


mon03jun 00002


mon03jun 00003


The blue one was cobolt blue, and I will try to use another blue paint in the palette later, maybe cyan or cerulean blue will be better...


Today I have painted digitally, these two flowers.

Im thinking of adding these to my Redbubble account and make stickers and other products for sale with these, and other I will make later.

I bought a screen recorder again yesterday, because my old was outdated. So now I can add more digital paintings time lapses to this site with time..

blomst1 s


blomst2 s


These was painted in Illustrator and Photoshop.

UPDATE 1: Added the time-lapse videos of making these two flowers to the "Digital Painting" section of the videos on this site.

UPDATE 2: Added these two designs to several products on Redbubble. Link on the bottom of this page.